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Almaz Vietnam representative to attend the World famous Gout de France 2016 festival

Saturday, 03/19/2016 08:59
Culinary and International Conference Almaz Center was honored to be selected as one of 1000 global representatives to attend the Gout de France 2016 festival, which honors French cuisine.

This event brings together famous chefs and restaurants known for exquisite and creative French cuisine. Almaz is known as the epitome of elite international cuisine, with a high-end restaurant chain, and well-known international chefs.

"Gout de France / Good France" culinary program is the brainchild of world famous Chef Alain Ducasse and Mr Laurent Fabious, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development in France. It aims to honor excellent quality and creativity as well as the values of authentic high-class French cuisine delivered consistently worldwide.

In 2015’s competition the focus was on honoring "French menu”, whilst in 2016, the event will look forward to innovative formulas, inspired by elite French cuisine. This is a cuisine full of fresh ingredients, harvested in season, locally and always using less fat, sugar and salt.

The restaurants in this program were selected because they are leading names that have been strictly evaluated by an international panel. From the whole of Vietnam, 30 outlets were chosen under the guidance of master chef John William Haueter from Switzerland. He is the captain who brought the Gout de France menu to the Ruby restaurant of Almaz.

Mr John William Huaeter was professionally trained in France and Switzerland. He gained many years experienced in different positions across the globe, from such varied positions as the director of the Indura resort cuisine, head chef at the Imperial hotel which is in the top 100 best hotels and other famous restaurants and hotels around the world - such as the Hyatt, Marriott, and Intercontinental hotel chains.

Master Chef John William Haueter in the role of new Chef at Almaz in 2016

Once accepted to work in a country like Vietnam, South East Asia, I was very surprised about the diversity international environment chef and professional standards as in Almaz. After a period of collaboration here, I feel attached to your country and this is indeed a memorable experience in my career” shared Mr Haueter

The Ruby restaurant at the Cuisine and International Conference center Almaz

With tickets priced at VND 1,100,000 ++ per person, diners will enjoy an interesting culinary journey. We present carrot soup with ginger, grilled goose liver accompanied by funnel cake and strawberry sauce, chicken fricassee style (a 16th century dish), or pureed apple pie with Camembert (a dish typical of the Normandy region of France).

Meaning "diamond" in Russian, Almaz is a luxury culinary, conference and recreation center situated in the Vinhomes Riverside Eco Urban in Hanoi. It is a convergence of elements of architecture, cuisine and entertainment services with a system of international conference halls, luxurious restaurant chains, entertainment and high-end shopping area.

Article and photos: Bao Le

Người Đô Thị Newspaper

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