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Please raise questions to the exchange program about Vietnamese cuisine

Wednesday, 11/18/2015 11:23
Will there be an online exchange with title “How to promote Vietnamese cuisine to abroad?” organized by the organizing committee of Golden Spoon and Tuoi Tre newspaper
How to promote Vietnamese cuisine abroad? Photo: Phan Thanh

The guests attending this exchange workshop are famous food experts in Vietnam, nutrition experts and the chefs of the Golden Spoon contest.

The exchange program with its theme “How to promote Vietnamese cuisine abroad?” is organized within the scope of the Golden Spoon contest, aimed at searching for traditional and rustic dishes that also represent unique culture and the typical dishes throughout the country. It also contributes to introducing and promoting our abundant, refined, delicious and nutritious cuisine to the world.

Readers will have the chance to express their concern as well as raise any questions about the origin of Vietnamese foods, which one is the specialty of each region, which spices have been discovered, introduced and used effectively to make the most delicious dishes, how international friends can learn more about Vietnamese food, or which Vietnamese dishes have been introduced in other countries.

Guests invited for the exchange program

· Mrs. Suong Thi Bui, ambassador of Vietnamese products, folk artisan and ambassador of Vietnamese culinary culture

· Mr. Long Thanh Chiem, ambassador of Vietnamese products and folk cuisine artisan

· Mrs Trieu Thi Choi- Ambassador of Vietnamese products, Elite teacher, Cuisine culture expert

· Mr. Sakal Phoeung, president of Escoffier School of Culinary Arts Vietnam and Head chef of Sofitel Saigon Plaza

· Mr.Sang Huy Ly, deputy of the organizing committee of the Golden Spoon contest and vice director of Minh Long I Co. Ltd

· Mrs. Diep Thi Ngoc Do, director of Nutrition center in Ho Chi Minh City

· Mr. Bao Thai Tran, champion of the 2014 Golden Spoon contest

Representatives of the final 15 teams of the 2015 Golden Spoon contest: Mr. Duy Vo Anh Le (Binh Quoi I Tourist area) and Mr. Cuong Nhu Nguyen (Kim Do Hotel)

Readers can raise questions to the invited guests by sending to: or you can add your comments below this message

All documents related to this online exchange program “How to promote Vietnamese cuisine abroad?” will be updated sufficiently on this website. Please wait to read more

Organizing Committee

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