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2015 Golden Spoon Contest Accompanies Year for National Tourism

Monday, 12/07/2015 11:09
As a part of the 2015 North-Central Food Festival in Thanh Hoa, part of the National Tourism Year Program, the book “Golden Spoon and Vietnam's Elite Cuisine” has received special attention.

Attending the book launch were representatives of the General Department of Tourism and Hotel Association of Vietnam, 50 invites from the hospitality sector and the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of many provinces and cities.

The book "The Golden Spoon & Vietnamese Elite Cuisine" was published worldwide in early June 2015 after one year of preparation. The publication is an elaborate work. It was produced based on a journey organized in the first season of the Golden Spoon contest that crossed over the country to discover new dishes, unique specialties and exotic spices throughout the regions. Nearly 700 dishes which have been collected, modernized, created and presented by professional chefs at the contest were vetted again by organizers, food artists and the leading food experts to define the most unique, elite dishes from those regions. The food experts took the selected dishes and recreated them for the book. Food stylists crafted and presented the dishes in the most elegant and exquisitely modern way to show international integration. The full recipes are presented alongside helpful photos are presented within the book.

Book “Golden Spoon and Vietnam's Elite Cuisine”

The book was published at along with the third season of the Golden Spoon Contest; the launch was organized next to the main chef event to introduce the book “Golden Spoon - Vietnam Elite Culinary”. This became an opportunity for discussion among the attending food and beverage professionals from around the country. Guests also enjoyed a menu selected from the book, the dishes cooked by chefs who won prizes in the previous two Golden Spoon contests. Or guests could also try it themself and cook the recipes from the book.

  “You need choose only five dishes from this book and you can open your own business immediately because the information provided is not only very detailed and informative but also demonstrated with photos and pictures. The book represents the heart of the person making the book about Vietnamese cuisine,” commented Mr. Le Minh Viet, director of Phu Quy restaurant (Dong Nai province). He has read and tried the recipes of the book. Having the same opinion, Mr. Nguyen Vo Kim Khoi, deputy director of My Le Import Export Joint Stock Company, also shared that the book is a full of hard work and represents the passion of the writer. It is also evident there was a lot of time and money invested to find these new dishes, study about the food’s origin, present and provide the recipes at standards that not only chefs, but also amateur home cooks can replicate. Having the cuisine map of Vietnam in the book is illustrates the important contribution from both an individual and collective stance.

 Champion of the 2014 Golden Spoon contest Chef Tran Thai Bao, Deputy Chef of Caravelle Hotel, also addressed his delight when he read the book. He said it is the best cookbook that he has ever read because of its diverse content, description of the dishes, attractive presentation with detailed recipes and vivid photos. He was especially surprised to read the detailed statistics about the nutrition of each dish. Generally such books do not go into great quantitative detail about such information, and just stop at the description of the ingredients used.  He believes that the book is meaningful not only for professional chefs but also for anyone who loves cooking.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, general director of the General Department of Tourism

Participating in the event as a key organizer and promoter, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, general director of Tourism highly appreciated the book, its useful content, the contest as well as the feedback from Vietnam’s passionate cuisine lovers. “I am very impressed and admire the personal vision and tireless efforts of Mr. Ly Ngoc Minh and Mr. Ly Huy Sang, deputy general director of Minh Long I Co., Ltd. and vice standing direct of the Golden Spoon contest whom have made outstanding contributions in the development of culinary in tourism," said Mr. Tuan.

  “In recent years we see that Minh Long I Company’s ceramic has started to help the tourism industry through not only supplying the best quality Vietnamese ceramic to the country’s restaurants and hotels, but also as an organizer that has successfully initiated and hosted the Golden Spoon contest for two seasons in 2013 and 2014. The contest is aimed to discover, search and honor the most excellent dishes from all regions in Vietnam, and select talented chefs that embody Vietnamese cuisine. Minh Long I Company have contributed with such hear that people like us who are working in the tourism industry have not yet reached. We can read the book or watch the video clip that Minh Long I has created through strong efforts. I highly appreciate this effort as well as the contest,” commented Mr. Tuan

Mr. Ong Ly Huy Sang, deputy general director of Minh Long I Co., Ltd, and Deputy of the Golden Spoon contest introduces the book “Golden Spoon and Vietnam Elite Cuisine”

 ”Vietnam General Department of Tourism continues to be a sponsor, a partner, advocator and will make the achievement of the Golden Spoon contest reach many more. I wish to thank Minh Long I for their support so we could publish the book and clips. These are attractive communication tools to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to tourists, as well as events that promote tourism to Vietnam in the future," asserted Mr. Tuan.

The North-central Food Festival was hosted from July 24 to 27, 2015 in Thanh Hoa province by the General Department of Tourism in coordination with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Thanh Hoa under the frame work of the National Tourism Year program. This festival was aimed to honor and promote the culinary recipes of the most delicious dishes of the North Central region to tourists. During the event all provinces and cities were in cooperation to advertise their typical specialties as well as from local tourist areas from all regions, but specifically from Thanh Hoa province. The festival also took place with many activities such as presentation, food processing, performing foods in Europe - Asia style and blending cocktails.


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