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Explore Alain Passard's Vegetable Farm

Friday, 08/18/2017 08:54
Chef Alain Passard is known as the ‘maestro’ of vegetable cuisine.

At his three Michelin star L'Arpège restaurant in Paris he cooks an almost exclusively vegetal menu, in his opinion, the only way to be truly seasonal. It’s an approach that has seen him win a legion of culinary fans, as well as numerous awards, including being named best chef in the world by Le Chef.

One of his protégées is the LA-based French chef Ludo Lefebvre. In the clip below from Mind of a Chef, the two explore the vegetable farm that feeds L'Arpège, situated an hour outside Paris. It provides all the fruits, vegetables and herbs for the restaurant, as well as latterly, honey from their own beehives.

Watching them strolling around this tranquil oasis away from the bustle of Paris it’s easy to see why Passard feels such a connection to the land and the need to express it through his food. Lefebvre descres his mentor, as not just a maestro of vegetable cuisine, but a “God.”


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