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Watch: 3 Michelin Chefs Cook Grouse

Friday, 10/13/2017 09:53
Grouse season is now well underway so we thought we'd pick up on how some of the UK's top chefs take the opportunity to showcase this delicate game bird in their preferred grouse recipes.

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Typically hunted in the Scottish Highlands, the Grouse season sees a glut of the seasonal birds being prepared in special and delicious ways and showcased on menus around the country, until the season's close in December.

London's Cinnamon Club is maximising the strong flavour of the dark meat in a dish of tandoor smoked breast of grouse, served with bitter fenugreek and con stir-fry and tamarind-cumin jus, Clare Smyth's newly opened Core features a more traditional “roast grouse dish with red cabbage, bell heather”, while at Luca they're putting an Italian spin on the bird with "Roast Yorkshire grouse roasted with Chianti, carrots and bread sauce."

Here are 3 Michelin chefs to inspire you into harnessing those gamey flavours in a variety of grouse recipes paired with beetroot, berries, chestnuts and other seasonal treats:

Tom Kitchin shows you how to pluck, truss and roast the unique bird – where respect for wild grouse is paramount.

Andy McFadden cooks grouse on the crown, roasted and stuffed with hay, and served with beetroots.

Alyn Williams shows how to roast grouse glazed with stock and served with sauteed girolles and chestnuts.


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