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Purple food – new healthy food trend

Friday, 02/17/2017 07:36
Anti-cancer, good for cardiovascular system/digestive system/ brain, and preventing obesity are ideal usages that make purple food becoming 2017 trendy food.

Food experts from Whole Foods, an US exclusive brand of safe and healthy food, did a research to predict food trends in 2017. According to them, purple food, such as brown rice, purple cabbage, purple yam, purple fruits or grains, are going to be recommended food and to become favorite choices because of their usage.

Specifically, the purple color of those produce is from Anthocyanin, a type of antioxidant, which brings a lot of health benefit.


Research by experts at the University of Porto (Portugal) or the Medical College Chengdu (China) found that Anthocyanin works on preventing breast cancer. Moreover, scientists at North Carolina state University (USA) have also studied about the ability to prevent the formation of tumors in the prostate of this substance.


Anthocyanin is an antioxidant substance. Besides anti-aging, it also helps protecting skin and the whole body from UV rays, so that the skin can last longer.

Preventing obesity

According to researches of Japanese experts, the increase of anthocyanin in human body could help controlling body weight. Therefore, it’s good for cardiovascular system, anti-cancer, and to provide other nutritious substances to human body.

Good for the brain

A research, which was taken place in 16 years, showed that anthocyanin could improve the condition of aging brain. The result came out that people who have had more purple food tend to have better cognitive ability.

Good for cardiovascular system

Anthocyanin can protect heart muscles, capillaries, and prevent oxidation process. Furthermore, it also helps recovering damaged tissues and rejuvenating cardiovascular system. The best aspect is that purple food is great in reducing the risk of heart attack.

Recommendation: Do implement purple produce into your daily meals, such as purple cauliflowers, brown rice, purple asparagus, and other purple grains.

By Thu Pham

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