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Watch Michelin Chefs Cook Lobster in Different Ways

Friday, 05/05/2017 09:41
We've covered some great ingredients in our Michelin chefs cook series, but perhaps no other ingredient speaks more loudly of luxury than lobster.

Photo Screengrab/Youtube

Below, five Michelin-starred chefs show you how to cook lobster in different ways, from perfect three Michelin star plates to flavour-packed finger food for your next party.

You might want to take a look at this video guide to how to crack a lobster too.

First up, Alain Passard cooks Brittany lobster two ways, with a little help from Ludo Lefebvre.


Here's Heston Blumenthal with a 1980's-inspired lobster dish.


Daniel Boulud prepares lobster rolls three ways, making use of some interesting Indian flavours.


Gordon Ramsay grills lobster and serves with Bloody Mary linguine – a crowdpleaser for your next dinner party.


Finally, Peter Goosens of three Michelin star Hof van Cleve in Belgium serves a mouthwateringly fresh combination of lobster with white asparagus.


By Tom Jenkins/ FDL

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