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5 Michelin-Starred Chefs Cook Duck

Saturday, 06/10/2017 15:44
Chefs love cooking duck, it’s so full of flavour and marries perfectly with a whole host of ingredients and flavours, both earthy and rich, and light and zesty.

The meat is found in cuisines all over the world, but it’s perhaps Asian and French food that we reach to first for a hit of the tasty meat.

Grilled duck in moringa sauce served with African eggplant salad & Duck drumstick cake with “dog skull” leaves by Chef Le Vo Anh Duy, winner of the Golden Spoon Awards 2016 – Photo of The Golden Spoon Awards

And once you know how to confit a duck leg – and if you don’t then don’t miss the second video below – wow, meals take on a whole new dimension.

Here then are five Michelin-starred chefs show you how to cook duck in different ways. If you enjoy these, check out more from our Michelin chefs cook series.

First up, it’s Michel Roux Jr making a Dodine de canard – a whole stuffed duck – studded with pistachios.

Next, Raymond Blanc prepares a classic duck confit, surely one of the best ways to eat the meat, served with a white bean stew.

Gordon Ramsay cooks a delicious duck breast with gooseberry sauce, with a Szechuan rub for extra heat. Here's another video of Ramsay, in which he shows you how to cook the perfect duck breast.

Fäviken's Magnus Nilsson makes Canard à la ficelle (duck on a string). Watch him cook five-month aged beef ribeye from the same season of Mind of a Chef.

Finally, Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur prepares a colourful Duck l‘orange inspired dish with plum compote.

By Tom Jenkins/ FDL

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