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The winning dishes at the North-Central preliminary round

Tuesday, 08/11/2015 14:22
All 14 teams prepared menus that impressed the audience, were beautifully presented, had the national spirit and also showed international integration.

Grand prize: La Residence Hue

“Tinh Tam” salad made of lotus and shrimp cake, grilled with sugarcane; grilled beef with piper lolot leaves; raw spring rolls with sour shrimp

Lobster fried with “Minh Mang” wine, served with loquat fruit- Hue’s specialty and sweet and sour sauce
Duck thigh stewed with Chinese herbs, cooked Royal style; vegetables and steamed rice cooked in lotus leaves and magenta plant
Chocolate cake ganache with royal tea, stir-fried mango with cinnamon and fresh coconut ice cream

Second prize
Hotel Novotel Danang Premier Han River from Danang City

Appetizer with three courses: spring rolls with duck; dish named “six gems with lotus”; fried spring rolls

Three expensive fishes: grouper, tuna, pipefish
Grilled beef homemade to ensure its homely taste
Mousse cake with three flavors: mango, avocado, strawberry

Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa from Quang Nam province

Fruit salad with lobster
Garden duck roasted ….
…with Palm Garden fried rice
Cu Lao seafood with vegetables
Sweet soup with jackfruit and Attap palm

Indochine Palace hotel from Hue

Hue flavors (figs mixed with sesame and rolled with “lá diếp- a kind of herb leaves, fried spring roll with lotus and strawberry sauce - a specialty from Truoi area)
Dish named “sea and home taste” (sponge gourd rolled with shrimp, “lá sâng” leaf and steamed)
Steamed rice with barbecue (beef rolled with piper lolot and grilled; grilled chicken with lemon leaves)
Hue old time and now (Hue sweet soup, “Bánh phu thê”- sticky rice dumpling with coconut and green bean in the middle and “bánh ít đen”- sticky rice surrounding green bean and coconut)

Saigon Morin Hotel from Hue

Pigeon stewed in Royal style
Mixed jackfruit, fried rolls with lotus
“Cầu Market” dumpling and crab cake
Sweet soup with longan and lotus

Mondial Hotel Hue

Chicken rolled with lotus, mushroom and vegetables
Thanh Tra area’s specialty
Seabass sautéed with white wine sauce
Sweet soup with taro

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