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New taste of squid stuffed with chicken served with kumquat

Saturday, 12/19/2015 14:01
Squid stuffed with ground chicken and pineapple served with sauce made of kumquat brought a new taste to the competition. It is fresh and not fatty and also very nutritious.

It required a high level of creativity to make this dish and helped Chef Vuong Huynh Vi Nguyen , head chef of Continental Hotel in District 1, HCM City win the second prize in the 2015 Golden Spoon Contest.

Head chef Vuong shared his recipe:
Enough for 4 persons
- Squid: ½ kg
- Chicken filet: 200 gr
- Kumquat: 100 gr
- Sugar: 50 gr
- Bell chili (green and red): one for each squid
- Thai basil: 10 gr

The chicken is ground, mashed then seasoned to taste, (ideally a little salty and peppery)

After cleaning the squid they are stuffed with the chicken, steamed, fried then cut into round slices

The Bell chili and the boiled squid tentacles are cut into small round pieces
Add 50 gr sugar and a little salt to the kumquat juice and Julienne the Thai basil.

Mix the chili, squid tentacles and Thai basil with the kumquat juice
Serve the squid with the sauce.

For a perfectly cooked dish, the squid should be placed into boiling water for just a few minutes then taken it out, to prevent the squid from being too chewy. To provide a good aroma and eliminate any stale fishy smell adds a little bit rum into the boiling water).

Cam Nhi/ Followed by Cam Nhi

Saigon cuisine

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