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Buffalo tail stewed with cheese fruit and red bean

Thursday, 03/10/2016 18:02
Left over from olden time many people still use the bark of cheese fruit (purple) to soak with wine and buffalo tail stewed with Chinese herbs.
Buffalo tail stewed with cheese fruit and red bean, served with potato noodle
Flamingo Dai Lai Resort’s chefs from Vinh Phuc province present their dishes

But recently, in the semi-finals - northern region, 2015 Golden Spoon contest the chef from Flamingo Dai Lai Resort, Vinh Phuc has introduced alternative combinations in his "Golden Dish". This was the buffalo tail stewed with cheese fruit and red beans served with potato noodles.

According to Chef Tuan Van Tran, team captain, it was to fulfill the requirement that dishes must be creative in both cooking technique and nutritious. He had the idea of combining the two ingredients to create such a unique relationship.

The buffalo tail was cleaned and cut into segments, then boiled quickly and finally stewed for more than one hour. Spices, Chinese herbs and vegetables such as carrot and white radish were added to give sweetness to the broth. After that the purple and white cheese fruit were placed into a steamer with the buffalo tails. They were stewed for more than an hour before adding the red bean, and continued for another 40 minutes. The final step is seasoning.

When enjoying, diners will find the sweetness of the cheese fruit, Chinese herbs, cabbage, radish the combination gives a fresh taste. In particular, this dish is very nutritious because buffalo meat is sweet, cool, non-toxic, good for the spleen, helps to strengthen muscles and buffalo tails can ease urinary ailments.

Cheese fruit can also strengthen kidney function for men, cure headaches, back pain, osteoarthritis pain and abdominal pain for women. Besides that it is served with potato noodle and stir-fried vegetables served with wormwood, which is used in regulating the blood, pain or flu.

Mr. Tuan told us that he created this dish just for the 2015 Golden Spoon contest. All ingredients seemed quite strange, but when they were cooked together they will created a unique and exceptional dish. Its taste was very different and also extremely good for your health.

Followed by Duc Triet
Tuoi tre Newspaper

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