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How to Make Coffee Caviar?

Friday, 06/09/2017 11:18
Spherification has been a thing in fine dining for years, largely down to the brilliant minds at elBulli, but now mere mortals are getting in on the act, by creating their own coffee caviar.

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Coffee caviar has been popping up on Instagram, largely as a decoration for desserts. The process of spherification is actually fairly simple: you add a small amount of sodium alginate to the liquid you wish to manipulate and then drop it into water containing a similarly small amount of calcium chloride. The resulting chemical reaction creates a membrane around the drops of liquid, giving you amazing caviar-like spheres that burst in the mouth.

The video below from shows you exactly how to do it. For sure, this might take a few goes to get right, but imagine how impressed everyone will be when you serve these little liquid centred flavour bombs to them – not just coffee, you could use this for anything.

This piece of kit called the Imperial Sphericator, is also another great way to get started with spherification at home.

Take a look at how people have been using coffee caviar to liven up desserts and savoury dishes below. Also, further down is a video from ChefSteps showing you how to make chocolate caviar. The possibilities, seemingly, are endless.


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