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Chef Vu Van Thanh

Monday, 08/29/2016 11:58
Chef Vu Van Thanh was born in 1981 in Thai Binh Province. He was the executive chef of two restaurants and two lounges of Lotte Hanoi.

Having cooked for 14 years, he used to work with culinary experts from and outside Vietnam. He has had chance to cook for high-profile officials from Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

Western dishes are his strong suit. In his opinion, an excellent dish must be a concoction of graceful presentation, nutritional values and, most importantly, the story behind it. Therefore, each chef is an artist who never stops exploring and always stays creative in telling his own story.

The Golden Spoon Awards 2015 champion is also feature as a guest judge at the Northern leg of the Golden Spoon Awards 2016’s Prelim.


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