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Singer Nguyen Phi Hung

Sunday, 10/02/2016 15:47
Albeit known as a popular singer and actor, Nguyen Phi Hung, born 1977, started out as a ballet dancer who graduated a 7-year program from Viet Nam Dance College.

When Hung was 12, he passed the entrance exam and got admitted to Viet Nam Dance College. After graduation with high distinction in 1996, he started working at National Light Music and Dance Company before transferring to October Ballet Company in Ho Chi Minh City in 1998.

Later on, his singing career took off thanks to musician Nguyen Nhat Sinh’s encouragement. He then signed the exclusive contract with Tai Nang Moi Records. Hearthrobbing look, alluring dance moves and sonorous vocal had won Hung a great deal of young audience then.

Singer Nguyen Phi Hung.

After having notched up with music, Hung gradually took up acting. Hai Au is the movie that earned him the Golden Kite Awards for Best New Actor, hosted by the Viet Nam Cinema Association.

“Aside from music, food is my special hobby. After each round, I look forward to not only excellent performance but also creative presentation from chefs competing in the Golden Spoon Awards. Thanks to their dedication, each dish becomes a brilliant work of art. I strongly believe the show can help generate motivation for hotels, restaurants and resorts nationwide to create more delicious and healthy recipes to satisfy food lovers. It is the Golden Spoon Awards that has been, are and will be putting Vietnamese cuisine on the global culinary map,” said Hung, who has joined the Golden Spoon Awards as the recurring judge and ambassador of Viet Nam brands since the very first season.

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