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Golden Spoon 2015

First prize in semi-final - northern region: Lotte Hanoi Hotel

Friday, 10/30/2015 10:00
"The structure of your menu contains the elements of Oriental cuisine such as balance between yin and yang and a balance between hot and cold dishes ... Regarding the content all dishes are very reasonable"

Promoting the idea of ​​introducing traditional dishes with fusion cuisine, three chefs from the Lotte Hanoi Hotel, Chef Thanh Van Vu (captain), Chef Vu Quang Quan and Chef Dung Anh Nguyen conveyed the message about food culture in the most unique way.

Three members of Lotte Hanoi Hotel stay next to their table

As a person who has always had a passion for cooking, likes to learn and discover new things in the art of Vietnamese traditional cuisine and the world, Captain Chef Vu Van Thanh has 13 years experiences as a professional chef. He is always keen to explore, honor and promote high-end values of rustic dishes. The menu that he and his team members often introduce include rustic dishes, some of which are associated with his hometown memories, whilst others appear in the streets of Hanoi but were elevated to luxury dishes still bring a friendliness and warmth.

Confidence, professionalism and humility are characters that many found in the captain of the team No.110 in both preliminary rounds and the semi-final of the Golden Spoon Contest 2015. While staying on the victory platform at the end of the day of the contest in the Northern region, Chef Thanh spoke in a mature manner: “All chefs present here today are outstanding and excellent chefs, but we are fortunate to win the prize thanks to new and unique ideas”.

Chef Thanh still maintains a calm confidence in the cooking area
Chef Vu Quang Quan and Chef Nguyen Anh Dung are very excited to be processing the food

At the competition in the semi-final in the North, ideas of introducing and promoting the of a unique and attractive cuisine. The menu included jellyfish salad with pennywort, shrimp soup with tea and pumpkin, grilled venison with local spices from the Northwest region and sweet soup with tofu.

The party table inspired by green tea. By introducing northern cuisine through fusion style, the team won the top prize in the Semi-final of the Golden Spoon Contest 2015 - North Region

The appetizer is jellyfish salad with pennywort, Chef Vu Van Thanh and the other two members invite diners to enjoy a menu which remains close to nature, full of passion and creativity in both cooking process and presentation.

The dish of jellyfish salad with pennywort prepared by Lotte Hanoi Hotel team was highly appreciated by expert judges in both flavor and creativity

Next these "artists" used a simple cup of green tea, found on the streets of Hanoi, to cook the lobster. This transformed into a soup with lobster, green tea and pumpkin. Furthermore, lobster is also smoked with the leaves of green tea by baking lobster on pebbles, resulting in a delightful aroma. After tasting this dish, Mrs Bui Thi Suong, of the professional judges commented: "The soup has a pure and light flavor with a slight aroma of tea. Decoration is very exquisite and beautiful". The broth has a color somewhere between yellow and a light green and it is clear enough to see the bottom of the bowl. On the top, a small curved tea leaf is laid back on the “rock” which made of pumpkin and it is put next to the lobster’s beard.

Food presentation skills
The last dish is a dessert made of tofu. This is considered as an elegant dessert presented to represent authentic characters of Hanoi people 

By clever use of green tea to build a menu containing the elements of Oriental cuisine such as the balance between yin and yang and a good balance between hot and cold dishes, the chefs of Lotte Hanoi Hotel received positive comments from the Judges as well as other colleagues from both North and South. Among of these Chef Thanh contributed to liven up the role of street foods of the Capital with thousand year culture such as sugarcane juice, green tea becomes 5 star luxurious, elegant desserts.

The professional judges Mrs Trieu Thi Choi commented that “I was very interested in your ideas. Compared to the menus of other teams, yours will be less expensive. At first glance it seemed very simple and possibly even poor, but after listening to your presentation and explanation of the connection between these dishes, then everything made sense. The structure of your menu contains the elements of Oriental cuisine such as the balance between yin and yang and between hot and cold dishes. Regarding the dish content, all have reasonable portions. Regarding the presentation there is a great balance to the dish and you know how to use Ly’s Horeca products properly. Although at first glance it seemed you used too many utensils, it was presented with a clear structure thus saving you from causing confusion. By using tea all the dishes have a light taste, are fresh, pure and elegant.


Located at the corner of Lieu Giai and Dao Tan streets in Ba Dinh district, Lotte Hanoi Hotel is the connection between the traditional Old Quarter of Hanoi and new urban areas that are being rapidly developed heralding a bright future. Located on the top floor of the 65 storey magnificent building, Lotte Hanoi Hotel is proud to represent the standards of new international 5 star hotel in Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general.

 The hotel has 318 spacious rooms featuring luxury furniture and amenities. The harmonious combination of fine taste and spectacular views from the building will provide an unforgettable experience for the guests. Tim Ho Wan is the first dim sum restaurant in Vietnam to be rated with Michelin standards; Grill 63 presents modern cuisine served by experienced chefs. At Grill 63, you will find delicious steaks and perfect wines, unavailable anywhere else in the city. With a luxury space and panoramic views over the city from the 63rd floor, Grill 63 is the perfect choice for special occasions or a romantic dinner. Pharaoh`s & Upper Bar is a unique space. A banquet and conference center, there are three banquet halls of various sizes and a special wedding center with unique bridal room, the perfect choice for a variety of events. Modern sound and lighting systems, innovative style and attentive services are guaranteed, ensuring a successful outcome to every event. There are three meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 1200 people.

Contact address: street 54 Lieu Giai,Cong Vi ward, Ba Dinh district, Ha Noi Capital

Tel: +84- 4 -3333-1000+84- 4 -3333-1000


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