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Lotte Hanoi Hotel named champion of the Golden Spoon Contest 2015

Thursday, 12/03/2015 20:40
The winners of the Cup and the VND1 billion prize in the Golden Spoon Contest 2015 has been revealed.

On December 3rd 2015 the awards ceremony of the Golden Spoon Contest 2015 took place at the Caravelle Hotel (HCMC). Chef Vu Van Thanh (captain), Mr Vu Quang Quan and Mr Nguyen Anh Dung of the Lotte Hanoi hotel were named as winners of the Golden Spoon Contest for the year. The champions were the recipients of the VND1 billion prize and the Golden Spoon Chef Cup 2015.

Picture: Lotte Hanoi Hotel Chefs - winners of the VND1 billion prize and the Golden Spoon Chef Cup 2015

From a field of 119 contestant teams drawn from all over the country, the Lotte Hanoi team was chosen for, professional cooking techniques, as the winning team. Each team is given a “Secret Black Box” which contains the ingredients that they have to use. Only upon opening it, do they understand what they are faced with. Thanks to their quick reactions and great food knowledge, they are able to create wonderful dishes.

The final round menu included: salad served with cauliflower, crab and grilled chicken; rice soup served with star gooseberry and lobster; grilled frog with the flavors of three regions, served with “Gac” fruit sauce, steamed rice and vegetables and a cold sweet soup made of five fruits including jackfruit. Staying with the idea of ​​preserving the culture of Vietnamese cuisine, Chef Vu Van Thanh told a culinary story using traditional Vietnamese human theory. It is of the square icons representing earth that he is very enthusiastic. The dish reflects upon Vietnamese history to a time of poverty. Chef Vu Van Thanh also promoted traditional dishes with excellent flavors and nutritional characteristics. This harmonious and flavor some dish that convinced the jury.

Picture: “Vietnamese spirit preserved” The dish prepared by team number 110 - Lotte Hanoi

Four Runners-up prizes went to:

  • Sofitel Plaza Hanoi (Team No: 109) creative dishe category;
  • Ngoan Thao Wedding restaurant - Dong Nai (Team No:55) Nutritional Food Prize;
  • Continental Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City (Team No:24) for attractive presentation
  • Kim Do Hotel Ho Chi Minh City (Team No:29) for the unique traditional rustic dishes category.
Runners-up teams each received VND 100 million and a Certificate of Talent issued by Organizing Committee.
Picture: The best chefs of the Golden Spoon Contest 2015

After 6 months of competition stretching back to early June 2015, “Hometown taste – Vietnam spices journey” was completed after an extensive search of rustic and traditional spices, which delivered flavorsome, nutritional, unique dishes, and discovered excellent chefs.

Attending the Award Gala were leaders of the General Department of Tourism; Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam; representatives of departments; leaders of Minh Long I Co. Ltd; media and representatives sponsors, New Viet Dairy company.

In 2015, the Golden Spoon Contest was held in many localities across the country. This contest has attracted, and witnessed the performances, of 357 chefs belonging to 119 organizations such as restaurants, hotels and other businesses within the tourism sector. 42 of the teams came from 4 or 5 star hotels and restaurants. More than 1,400 delicious dishes highlighting typical cultural characteristics of their regions were introduced and promoted, using spices such as “Mắc khén””, pepper, “hạt dỗi”, “thảo quả tươi”, fameflower, shiny leaf prickly-ash, lemongrass, spicy Sacho, “củ xá kiến”, and “cây thắng cố”. Also represented were dishes such as deep fried Centella salad served with prawn; centella salad served with jelly fish; sweet soup with tofu and green tea; Annona reticulate tea and bitter tomato soup cooked with pig blood. These came from the Mekong Delta, Southeast, South Central, Central Highlands, North Central, Northern Highlands, Red river Delta and HCMC regions of the country. In addition, local dishes, long thought lost, were presented by the talented chefs to once again become part of the Vietnamese culinary experience.

Earlier, in the final round on February 12th 2015 at the Minh Sang Trade Centre (Binh Duong Province), "Vietnam spice trees" was an exhibition and demonstration by the Organizing Committee of the Golden Spoon which, already in its third season.

Thoa Le

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