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Chef Vũ Văn Thành Makes Friends in High Places

Tuesday, 07/25/2017 15:07
For me, being a chef is a never ending adventure that I always want to be on.

Chef Vũ Văn Thành, 36, has spent almost half of his life working in the hospitality industry. He has worked with experts from around the world, including France, New Zealand, Germany, Italy and Turkey. Especially interested in Western and traditional Vietnamese cuisine, his passion is to create new recipes, set new standards, and improve his skills daily. He was the leader of the Lotte Hotel Hanoi team which won the Golden Spoon culinary contest in Việt Nam in 2015.

Chef Vũ Văn Thành at Top of Hanoi.

How did you decide to become a chef?

Simple. I decided to become a chef because I love cooking and making new dishes. I have great passion for discovering new ingredients, making new food combinations, creating new tastes and trying new methods of cooking. A small touch can make a big difference. Every trial is a new experience and you never know exactly how your dish will turn out.

For me, being a chef is a never ending adventure that I always want to be on.

What are the factors that inspire your work?

My inspiration comes from people around me. I enjoy observing people, listening to their conversations, getting to know their personalities and from that, making dishes that would satisfy their taste buds.

My colleagues also inspire me a lot. Exchanging ideas with other chefs in the team while working in a professional yet friendly and open environment motivates creativity.

What are the main qualities a chef should have?

In my opinion, a chef should be enthusiastic, pay great attention to details, be creative and have ability to stay calm under pressure. Being a chef is not easy; you have to work constantly in the kitchen with high temperature and humidity, but remain efficient. The ability to stay calm under pressure helps maintain the quality of your work. Attention to detail will wrap everything up with a bow. The dining experience of the guest is only completed when the chef pays attention to every detail, from the cooking method to the presentation.

A chef’s creativity enables him to come up with new dishes and be enthusiastic about learning new methods and exploring new ingredients.

These are the key qualities that will help nurture and develop a chef’s career in the long run.

As the Sous Chef at “Top of Hanoi”, what can you tell us about the venue?

Until now, Top of Hanoi is the highest open-air restaurant and bar in Việt Nam. It offers panoramic views of sunsets over lakes, downtown skyline and even the mountains. After a busy day at work, Top of Hanoi is the perfect place to unwind and relax – the trendy ambience and interesting menu is a great getaway from the city’s hustle and bustle.

What are your menu’s highlights that guests can enjoy at the restaurants in Lotte Hotel Hanoi?

Since Top of Hanoi has a very unique and trendy ambience, we aim to serve young, trendy guests from all over the world. We capture the true essence of Italian dining with special items like handmade pastas and fresh pizza; everything is made with high quality ingredients. Each dish served to our guests will be a complete experience in taste and presentation.

Both local guests and international travelers enjoy our homemade pizzas and steaks. Besides the regular menu, we also offer a combo of pizzas and beer or wine with reasonable prices and suitable for groups of 2-4 people.

How did you choose Lotte Hotel Hanoi as your current working place?

After working for many restaurants and 5-star hotels, I choose to work for Lotte Hotel Hanoi because it is a big group that has developed very quickly in recent years. As a member of Lotte Hotel Hanoi, I believe I will have the opportunity to grow, improve my skills and achieve greater success. During the time here, my colleagues have become my family; their care and support make me happy to be here.

What do you like to do when you have free time?

I like to travel to the countryside to relax. I am not too much into outdoor and fun activities, I just like to relax in quiet surroundings.


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